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The Mind Leadership Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

Money Coach, Candice Bakx-Friesen talks about the best ways to lead your finances to work for you.  From spending, investing and saving, you can enjoy your life now while preparing for tomorrow!

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Nov 16, 2021

Life is busy, it can take a toll on you both physically and mentally.  This episode we pull back the curtain on our lives, trying to integrate parenting, working and trying to breathe while getting it all done.

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Nov 9, 2021

Always Better Than Yesterday!  Chief Heart Officer, Ryan Hartley takes us through the journey of Heart, Mind, Love, Community, Connection, Inspiration and Growth.  You can lead with heart and get closer to your potential every day.

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Nov 2, 2021

Helping ambitious people rewire their thoughts and beliefs to attract true love and financial freedom.

Meet guest Precious Papafio, thought and transformational coach.  We take a dive into how unresolved trauma can show up in all areas of your life and wreak havoc. Learn tips on how to heal the wounds, love yourself and...

Oct 26, 2021

Fill a role not a hole!  True words of advice for any leader who is looking to form a team that aligns with the vision, value and also the needs of an organization.  Meet Renata Porter, Organizational Design Expert.  She takes teams from simply operational to leading effectively and with purpose!

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